Sunday, 25 April 2010

who would be the audience for your media project ?

7 point evaluation

who would be the audience for your media project ?

the audience for my media project like i said in my other piece, would be aimed at the ages of 25+ as they are starting to earn more money and can donate genorasly whereas the younger generation can't as if they get pocket money, that'll be going towards them going out on a weekend. i also want to get older genrated people to get involved because cancer effects people at the average age of when your 53, i found this out in my research. the website will still be accessable for younger people, as they could raise money by doing a charity run. the power of children over adults is demanding therefore tere more children that get involved the more adults will get involved, and thats what cancer community is about obviously the number one goal is stopping cancer but bringing people closer together to make one.

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