Saturday, 28 November 2009


Brief - I will be making a website about cancer, there will be a page about how we can help people suffering from cancer and also another page where people can donate.

my website is aimed for all age groups therefore we will have to make convenient for all ages, as we want to help as many people as we can. i can do this by using colours but making them subtle so that they are eye catching. i will make the website simple and easy to use so younger people can use but interesting for older ages, i shall use photos for the younger people.

By making this website I hope I can get to grips with people how hard it is to deal with cancer and that they can help people throughout there troubles, as anyone could be in this situation.

There will be a short clip of someone talking trying to persuade people to donate, this video will be persuasive in it's tone and will be quite short.

Monday, 5 October 2009

analysis of school websites 2

this is my survey i chose three schools and went over what is good with the websites and what is wrong.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


1.) my perceptions of media when i first started was that, it would be good fun, watching lots of soaps, and learning different camera shots, e.g close up (cu).
2.) my perceptions have changed slightly changed as i didnt realise how much writing I would be doing, not that it is a problem, as i dont mind writing but I prefere to be watching something and take notes on it.
3.)In media it is going pretty well, as i can use the words that i learn from this lesson in my other two subjects as it does help me get a better grade. The small amount of writing is good, even if there was alot more writing it wouldntbother me as i am a confident writer but i am enjoying myself at this certain point in media.
4.)i understood everything that has been taught but i feel we should be taught how to use the apple mac as not a lot of people have used it beofre.
5.)i have understood from the 'casino royale' movie that the stunts look a lot different when they are shooting it, than when it does in the film, if a certain bit of camera work is wrong, they do another take of that scene.
6.)in this film i appreciate the editing skills, alot as the fading away of the two characters isn't an easy job.

George Keep.