Sunday, 25 April 2010

1. looking back at your priliminary task what do you feel you have in learnt in the progression from it to the full product ?

7 point evaluation

looking back at your priliminary task what do you feel you have in learnt in the progression from it to the full product ?

from my last task i feel that i have gone from strength to strength by making my site as proffesional as i can. my photography skills have improved massivly as some of the photo's i took in my priliminary task were not upto the standard they should be whereas now there better. i still used the same layout in m Cancer Community website as i always thought it was a demanding structure. i have started to understand more stuff towards iweb and feel i can do a lot more now than when i first started. another thing is i realised the more you concentrate on your audience the better your website will look, you need to keep on thinking to yourself are they going to like ? and if not it made me try new things on iweb. my iphoto techniques have become incredibly better. inspector also got a lot more easier to use by making hyper-links active and un active, and i also developed a lot that i could put other links to other sites on the bottom such as facebook, twitter and so on. i believe i learnt enough to aknowlidge my targeted audience.

what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project ?

7 point evaluation

what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project ?

i had never used a mac before, until this point when i was introduced to iweb softwear. this programme offers me a lot towards making websites, and it really helped when i created my Cancer Community site. the inspector tool was the main thing i got to grips with as it helped me with all my links and colour changes, like rollevers. i didnt use any templates as i wanted to make it my own, and i feel i would of been restricted with ideas if i had used a template. i wanted it my way so i could grab the audiences attention. when i first used a hyper link, it was on windows computer and it was really confusing whereas on the mac its simpler and faster. although uploading photos and video's is similar to any other softwear that you would use. i also found photshop very helpful for my logo, in my preliminary site and my Cancer Community site, simple and easy, and you can make to your own strength and which ever way you want it. final cut express was very important towards my video side giving me a chance to write text through the video, asking for donations and where it will go to.

how did you attract/address your audience ?

7 point evaluation

how did you actract/address your audience ?

mainly the colours of my site brought the attention to my audience, the colours are also within my logo, so it makes my logo a lot more noticable for displaying. my website doesnt have complicated words, so that everyone can get a good understanding to what were about. find your way around my website is simple, i have used simple words and sentences as it is mainly for 25+ but younger children have been visiting still. it is more appealing tot he older generation as they will be donating and fundraising a lot more children. another thing that attracted by audience is when you go on the home page, the video starts automatically, so they knew what happens here on my website.

who would be the audience for your media project ?

7 point evaluation

who would be the audience for your media project ?

the audience for my media project like i said in my other piece, would be aimed at the ages of 25+ as they are starting to earn more money and can donate genorasly whereas the younger generation can't as if they get pocket money, that'll be going towards them going out on a weekend. i also want to get older genrated people to get involved because cancer effects people at the average age of when your 53, i found this out in my research. the website will still be accessable for younger people, as they could raise money by doing a charity run. the power of children over adults is demanding therefore tere more children that get involved the more adults will get involved, and thats what cancer community is about obviously the number one goal is stopping cancer but bringing people closer together to make one.

what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why ?

7 point evaluation

what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why ?

Its hard to interprite how a website would be distributed. its completetly different from radio, as it would have to be distributed from a licenced rado such as Heart, or even a television channel it would still have to go through a licenced channel, such as BBC. a website has to be uploaded through a website hosting service, like google. from my research if i got my website distributed it wouldn't cost me a lot as it is a charity campain, but would probably be suited well to a virtual private surver as it would be less hassle. this means the management of the website is down to the host.

as well as a host another point to consider is domain name registration. you have to register some kind of address and your name so that no other websites will have the same web address or same web address in the future. this would cost more due to my research you can get this as a package so you could get a deal, so that it works out cheaper than usual. Another way of advertising, is by putting it on billboards on sides of buses, or even try and get someone to sponsor you, like Barcelona Fc, they paid UNICEF, 2 million pounds, then they got UNICEF printed as the sponsor for many seasons.

how does your media product represent perticular social groups?

7 point evaluation.

how does your media product represent perticular social groups?

The group represented through images and video on my website are people. On my website it represents how people can be if you help, and also how they can be if you dont. this is what you need on a cancer charity website, as it really can effect the person, and also the people around them as they could lose family or friends. i did not show any photos of people about to get treatment as i felt that would not be appropriate towards my site, and i believe it wouldnt connect with the users of the site. i would of taken photos of that but thats not what my site is about. it also conveys people to work together as a team, wether you know them or not, and it proves what we an do to save peoples lifes, but we have to remember not everyone is as fortunate.

in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenege forms and conventions of real media products ?

7 point evaluation.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenege forms and conventions of real media products ?

the genre of my website would be a charity, but to be more specific its a cancer charity. one convention of charity websites is to use certain words, to try and get the user to feel amotionally touched, and try and get them to do something about cancer. A convention for of a website for ages 25 + would be to have video's and little paragraphs, also by having pictures this would demonstrate what a charity website can do to make a change. With most websites there logo is within the top left side of the page, i was fond of this so used it as it made my site look for proffesional, this is also a big convention not just for charity websites but for most websites. This also shows the user who you are and so they can notify the brand/logo around streets and on billboards etc. Another convention is the side bar or the bar at the top of the website, these are a well known convention which is liked as it is easy access for all users. the colours i chose to use were baby pink and baby blue, i believe these colours are strong for cancer as they are suttle and eye catching, i also relaised cancer research use pink for breast cancer, for most cancer websites these colours seem to work best. For my logo i photo shopped it in a bolder pink, and put it in the top left corner of each page of my site, the reason why i chose a bold pink is because i want the logo to be more notified by users on my website and even when there out and about. The main convention that i realised with websites is the three column structure to a page, by having links in the left and right column and the middle being the main part of the page. the reason why i chose this is so that it is easy for the user to use, but it does look more proffesional as well. i used emotve language to get the users to want to help stop cancer and find different ways of stopping cancer.

who will your core target audience be ?

My core target audience will be mainly adults, as they earn more money than the younger genration. from my research the main majority of people that fund or donate to charities are adults from around the ages of 25-35, this is why my website is acssesable for all ages.

from my surveys i found that that the majority of the people who have jobs are men aged around 30-40, as a manager. 6/25 men were religious so under 50% were religious. the main plot of men lived with the postcode br2, being Bromley. when it came to the food men preffered more metier food as they have more stress its more chewy. then it came tot he charity questions, 18/25 men agreed that moremomey should be put towards Cancer Community. but they also agreed they never look at these cancer websites as 'they dont have enough time'. the men who took the survey rated the cancer research the best cancer website as its the biggest organisation trying to stop cancer. and for the last main question every single man said a secure home is there number one priority to them that way there family can be safe.

As this website is looking for donations its main audience will be higher economic groups who have the income to put towards a charity, like Cancer Community. Not a lot of people can donate as they are tight for money themselves, but people with jobs such as higher management/administration professional, middle management/administration/professional or supervisory/clerical/junior management. These people are highly knowliged as get higher income, therefore they can splash some cash on charity's, but then certain people have mortgages, it all depends on how much they spend on there and other aspects to keep them andpossibly there family going.

to make my website appealing to the adult region im going to have to make it look eye catching, by using photo's to show what we can do and also a few video's. I will use suttle colours so its not in there face, therefore the colours i'd use would be a baby pink with a baby blue. my website will have to be easy to use although my target audience is from 25 upwards, younger people still may want to use it, as they may have someone who's effected by cancer.

Friday, 23 April 2010

photography slideshow.

I took photos of family's and couples as this is my target audience, although you can get cancer at any age, the main ages are around 20-50 years of age. so the overall reason why I chose these photo's is because they are the main money earners of this era as well.

Website Video

Thursday, 22 April 2010

What you need to do

Brief - what are you going to do for your website?
Who will your core target audience be?
Sketches to show your planning?
uPLOAD Photos using iPhoto
upload your video
industry research - what is web hosting? What is a domain name? How do you register a domain name?

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

sketches to show planning.

This is my planning sketch of my original idea for my website, you can see that I have used the conventional three-column structure which is what you would see on most charity websites. The top bar and the logo in the top left is also conventional. As expected on a campaign site there is also a donate button clearly displayed at the top of the page. I've planned to place the video at the centre to grab the audience's attention and clearly explain our objectives.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the internet, based on the domain name system. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

Web hosting services are a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the world wide web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing internet connectivity, typically in a data center.