Sunday, 25 April 2010

who will your core target audience be ?

My core target audience will be mainly adults, as they earn more money than the younger genration. from my research the main majority of people that fund or donate to charities are adults from around the ages of 25-35, this is why my website is acssesable for all ages.

from my surveys i found that that the majority of the people who have jobs are men aged around 30-40, as a manager. 6/25 men were religious so under 50% were religious. the main plot of men lived with the postcode br2, being Bromley. when it came to the food men preffered more metier food as they have more stress its more chewy. then it came tot he charity questions, 18/25 men agreed that moremomey should be put towards Cancer Community. but they also agreed they never look at these cancer websites as 'they dont have enough time'. the men who took the survey rated the cancer research the best cancer website as its the biggest organisation trying to stop cancer. and for the last main question every single man said a secure home is there number one priority to them that way there family can be safe.

As this website is looking for donations its main audience will be higher economic groups who have the income to put towards a charity, like Cancer Community. Not a lot of people can donate as they are tight for money themselves, but people with jobs such as higher management/administration professional, middle management/administration/professional or supervisory/clerical/junior management. These people are highly knowliged as get higher income, therefore they can splash some cash on charity's, but then certain people have mortgages, it all depends on how much they spend on there and other aspects to keep them andpossibly there family going.

to make my website appealing to the adult region im going to have to make it look eye catching, by using photo's to show what we can do and also a few video's. I will use suttle colours so its not in there face, therefore the colours i'd use would be a baby pink with a baby blue. my website will have to be easy to use although my target audience is from 25 upwards, younger people still may want to use it, as they may have someone who's effected by cancer.

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