Wednesday, 23 September 2009


1.) my perceptions of media when i first started was that, it would be good fun, watching lots of soaps, and learning different camera shots, e.g close up (cu).
2.) my perceptions have changed slightly changed as i didnt realise how much writing I would be doing, not that it is a problem, as i dont mind writing but I prefere to be watching something and take notes on it.
3.)In media it is going pretty well, as i can use the words that i learn from this lesson in my other two subjects as it does help me get a better grade. The small amount of writing is good, even if there was alot more writing it wouldntbother me as i am a confident writer but i am enjoying myself at this certain point in media.
4.)i understood everything that has been taught but i feel we should be taught how to use the apple mac as not a lot of people have used it beofre.
5.)i have understood from the 'casino royale' movie that the stunts look a lot different when they are shooting it, than when it does in the film, if a certain bit of camera work is wrong, they do another take of that scene.
6.)in this film i appreciate the editing skills, alot as the fading away of the two characters isn't an easy job.

George Keep.

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